Saturday, December 1, 2018

Lady Gaga & Sophie collab is coming


Although she’s wary to clock her own impact, it’s no doubt that SOPHIE is one of the most influential pop trailblazers in recent memory. The proof is in the pudding—she splits her time half-and-half between making her own music and producing for other artists, and with a roster including Madonna, Vince Staples, Charli XCX, and MØ—and, she reveals, soon to include Lady Gaga—there’s plenty of proof. She plans to release three more albums this year, she says, a feat that seems difficult especially considering the nature of record labels in today’s day-and-age. What if the label doesn’t let her? “If it’s not possible for any reason, then I’ll just leak them.” It’s not like SOPHIE hasn’t broken boundaries before.

Source: Offficemagazine


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