Thursday, October 18, 2018

Grammys 2019 Submissions: Nicki Minaj, Maren Morris, Miguel and more

 Resultado de imagen de grammys awards 2019

Sky Walker (Live From Austin City Limits) – ROY, RB Perf
Told You So – MVid
Remember Me – ROY, (SOY), Pop DG, (Song/VM)
Come Through And Chill – SOY, RB Song
Remind Me To Forget – ROY, SOY, Dance Rec, MVid
Got Friends – Rap/Sung, Rap Song, MVid
Stay Woke – Rap Song
War & Leisure – AOY, UrbCon Album


Nicki Minaj
Barbie Dreams – ROY, Rap Song
Chun-Li – SOY, Rap Perf, MVid
Bed – Pop DG
Anybody – Rap Perf, Rap Song
Big Bank – ROY, SOY, Rap Perf, Rap Song
Goodbye – Pop DG
Dark Side Of The Moon – RB Song
The Way Life Goes Remix – MVid
Queen – AOY, Rap Album


Father John Misty
Gilded Cage – Song/VM
God’s Favorite Customer – AOY, Alt Album, Engr Album


Janelle Monáe
Make Me Feel – ROY, SOY, Pop Solo, MVid
I Like That – RB Perf, RB Song, MVid
Django Jane – Rap Perf, Rap Song, MVid
Pynk – MVid
Dirty Computer – AOY, UrbCon Album, Engr Album
Dirty Computer – MFilm


Maren Morris
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters – ROY, Ctry Solo
Rich – MVid
Dear Hate – ROY, SOY, Ctry DG, Ctry Song
The Middle – ROY, (SOY), Pop DG, MVid
Seeing Blind – Pop DG


Murda Beatz
Yeah Yeah – Rap/Sung, Rap Song, MVid
Producer Of Year

Kacey Musgraves
High Horse – ROY, SOY, Pop Solo, MVid
Butterflies – Ctry Solo
No Getting Over Me – Ctry DG
Space Cowboy – Ctry Song
To June This Morning – AR Perf
Golden Hour – AOY, Ctry Album



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