Thursday, September 20, 2018

Avril Lavigne New Album confirmed for this year

Hartwig Masuch has opened up about his vision for BMG during a keynote at the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) AGM - the first time a global music CEO has spoken at the event. Speaking to a trade body whose members comprise both physical and digital retail, Masuch had positive words for both sides. He even went so far as to predict a physical revival at a time when CD sales are in decline.
“We think there is potential for growth after plateauing,” said Masuch. “That has to do with redefining the characteristics of physical media. It will be less price sensitive than it has over recent years.”
Of course, BMG’s strategy is based on signing artists who still have a physical music audience. As well as success with Kylie Minogue this year, the company previewed a big Q4 with releases from The Prodigy, Seasick Steve, Cypress Hill, Echo And The Bunnymen, Avril Lavigne, Richard Ashcroft and Boy George & Culture Club.
While other record labels may have looked to more track-based streaming opportunities, BMG has built a roster of established album artists whose careers, at least in some cases, perhaps needed a little more love and attention. We have a presence in every single market that makes us increasingly geared to recorded music. Hartwig said the company had made a “serious effort to reintroduce the relevance of these artists”. “We’ve found out it’s a really sweet spot,” he said. 

Source: Music week


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