Sunday, August 26, 2018

LSD debut album in September

In September, LSD, a supergroup she formed with Diplo and singer-producer Labrinth, will release their debut album. And Sia has also just taken on her most difficult project yet: directing her first feature film, Music, due out sometime next year. It’s a musical that stars 15-year-old Maddie Ziegler, the dancer from the “Chandelier” video, as an autistic child who comes under the care of her sober drug-dealing sister, played by Kate Hudson. It’s about finding your voice and creating your own family, two big themes in Sia’s life. She knows it’s a gamble — a massive undertaking that could be seen as a vanity project, even though it’s a story she desperately wants to tell. Part of her already regrets it. But part of her also feels like she has no choice but to take the risk. “A lot of people in my industry have to do the same things over and over because it’s what people want,” she says. “I’ve tried to work out ways to make this fun and to see what I can get away with, essentially.”



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