Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sean Paul confirms 2 Rita Ora collabs

One was Shakira. And that happened to end up being in a red tape situation. I kind of like could not use her. Which was a disappointment because I’ve always wanted to do a song with her. And a second person was Rita Ora. Yeah, and the only reason why I didn’t gravitate towards her doing it… well, first off, I have her on anther song, and she sounds way better on that song to me. And I didn’t want to mix that up. So, yeah. Those two. As I said, both were kind of disappointing. But when I got used to the idea of Becky trying it, and I was on Facetime with her for so long I got to see her whole personality. And she was trying and how late it was for her in the evening. And she knew where I was. I had just gotten into the hotel and stuff. I just saw she was the perfect match. Things work out for a reason, you know?

Source: Idolator


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