Sunday, July 1, 2018

RollingStone: 'Back To You' Is the Song of the Summer

What makes a summer jam? Is it the sunniest chorus, the hottest beat, the most weeks on the charts? Do the lyrics have to be about beaches and barbecues, or is it a question of vibe? What if it's a song on your summer playlist and no one else's? We believe the answer is "all of the above."
With its campfire strums and grab-the-car-keys impulsivity, "Back to You" is a natural summer song. It's the feisty screed against your camp boyfriend who ditched you after 10 long months of letter-exchanging. Obviously, his name is Justin. We took him like a shot, as Gomez sings, during last year's summer of "Despacito." We were his sunrise on his darkest day. We savored every moment slowly.
And now we're singing "Back to You." It's the melancholic jam for us goths, misanthropes and Sandra Dees to listen to on our lonely walks home. Gomez's lilting soprano whispers to us like a cool stream of ventilated air as we sit inside while everyone else plays volleyball with Cardi B or Drake. Everyone but Selena, our goddess of the 2018 summer bummer.
The song's country flavor is reminiscent of Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" – and like that song 20 summers ago, "Back to You" is an international sensation. Nestled in the Top 20 in over 21 countries, Gomez's song is stone-cold proof that no matter where you live or what language you speak, summer is the perfect time to sit and dwell on those who have wronged you. 

Source: Rolling Stone


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