Sunday, June 17, 2018

"Into It" is Camila Cabello's New Radio Single

Sony International is preparing to release "Into It" by Camila Cabello as "limited radio single" in Russia & CIS territories,
reported by news agency Insiders Space today.
"Into It" is one of the most request track of the week on radiostations of Moscow, despite being sent to the radios.
It's not the first time, when album tracks were released as singles in Russia, Previously "Brave" by Jennifer Lopez and "Roulette" by Katy Perry were hits in Russian stations. While "Roulette" is still playing in Russia with total 537,000 spins and #18 peak, "Brave" is Lopez' second most successful song here with 1,022,000 spins and #7 peak position. Despite their albums were commercial failures, they went platinum in Russia.
And it's not the all examples.
"Into It" will be served to the radios July 1, 2018 as "limited radio single". 


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