Monday, March 26, 2018

Zara Larsson's new single in less than 2 months

CH: I wanted to talk about your next album. Will it be released this year? What can we expect?

Zara: I really hope so. It's not ready yet, but I want to release a single in a couple of months, maybe another one later, to see how people react. I really want to release something this year.
CH: Do you already know what this next single will be?

Zara: We have some really good songs that are just waiting to be released. We just have to pick one and that's so hard.
CH: And, about the album itself, what vibe do you want to express with it?

Zara: I remember tweeting a few months ago that would be superromantic because I'm in love and dating, but it's not. It's not romantic at all. There are definitely some cute love songs, but I do not think it will be so different from what you've heard from me. With luck, everything will be better. Melody, production, lyrics ... I feel like I just need to raise the level and keeps growing.

Source: Capricho 


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