Monday, February 26, 2018

Dua Lipa working with Max Martin on New Album

"Not long before that, she was in Jamaica, at the venerable Geejam Studios, hashing out songs for her next album. "I want it to still be pop, but lean more toward soulful," she says of the project. "My voice kind of lends itself to that genre." She lists some of the things she's been drawing on for inspiration: "Electric Chair," by Prince; the new Francis and the Lights album; a lot of Outkast. She's put in time in the studio in recent months with platinum-certified hitmakers like Mark Ronson and pop mastermind Max Martin. "I spent a week with Max, and it was the first time where I felt like there was a lot more method to the things I was writing about. First with him you lay down the melodies, listen to them over and over again, and say, 'Maybe we should change this note.' " When it came to writing lyrics, "You couldn't use the same words too often, next to each other. And not everything can start on the one, because it doesn't keep it as interesting. I played him some of the stuff I did in Jamaica, and he'd say, 'You could totally simplify this. Just repeat that twice. Make it easier for the listener.' He has, like, a lot of rules and theories."

Source: Rolling Stone


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