Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lorde & Taylor won't appear/perform at the Grammys

KEN’S BIG CLOSE-UP: Timberlake’s halftime gig would keep him off the Grammy show in any case, but bad blood continues over his prior snub by the secret nominating committee. Now similar questions surround Ed Sheeran. Will said committee’s ill-considered decision to keep the ginger troubadour out of the top categories—to avoid trophy domination by yet another chart-topping, fair-skinned Brit and more charges of #GrammysSoWhite—mean Ed’s off the show as well? With the 1/28 airdate looming, producer Ken Ehrlich is deep into the heavy-lifting phase of assembling the CBS special. According to the latest scuttlebutt from inside the Grammy camp, neither Taylor Swift nor Lorde is among the slated performers at Madison Square Garden on Music’s Biggest Night. Swift, shut out by the committee, is declining to appear, these insiders say. But what explains Lorde’s exclusion? The Lava/Republic artist is nominated for Album of the Year and is the only female act in the category. Why on earth would this celebrated performer be kept off the Grammy stage? Lorde’s team is said to be extremely unhappy—do they have a shot at appealing the decision?



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