Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Enrique Iglesias sues Universal over streaming royalties

Latin superstar Enrique Iglesias is suing Universal Music Group in the US for an alleged “shortfall of millions of dollars” in streaming royalties. The lawsuit, filed in Miami today (Jan 24) relies on the accusation that Universal failed to specifically assign a royalty rate for streaming in two contracts with Iglesias: one signed in May 1999 with Interscope in tandem with Universal’s global company, plus an additional contract signed in May 2010. The initial contract covered English language and Spanish language albums, while the second tied Iglesias into albums containing both English and Spanish-language music. Iglesias’s legal team allege that, without a specifically contracted royalty rate, Universal should have been paying its client 50% of net receipts from services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Pandora. That’s because, says Team Iglesias, the record contracts state that a 50% royalty would be paid ‘for any type of use not specifically covered [here]’. However, Iglesias’s lawsuit notes that the rate agreed for both downloads and physical album sales was stipulated in the deals – at a significantly lower rate than 50%. “Despite Iglesias’ record-breaking success, Universal has refused to reciprocate and breached its contractual obligations to Iglesias,” reads the suit, which you can download in full here.



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