Thursday, September 21, 2017

Zara Larsson Working With Max Martin


“Ha, right?! I like to listen to a lot of different things, so naturally I’m influenced by that. But then when you work with people like MNEK, of course I want to be inspired by his sound – that’s why I’m working with him! It’s very early but for now, it’s kind of mysterious and a little sexy, but still pop, of course.”

As well as MNEK, have you approached any of pop’s super producers, i.e Max Martin, yet? 

I have worked a bit with the MXM team (owned by Max Martin) recently in LA, and it felt really good. I see Max Martin all the time because he has a studio complex that everybody’s in. Honestly, I wish I could live there. His complex is Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra’s old house. It’s not too shabby I can tell you! “I haven’t worked specifically with him [Max] yet, but we did a couple of songs and then he called us on Facetime and made some suggestions and changes. He’s definitely always looking over his writers, so he’s very involved. The whole team are great though… it really is pop heaven."

Source: Official Charts


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