Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Zara Larsson Recording In The Studio With Epic

Studio!!! I'm indescribably happy to be back in the studio again. I feel so inspired and filled with energy, hope and light. Honestly, it's like I can breath again. Hope every single one of you have something or can find something that Keeps you motivated, maybe just to get thru the day, in times like this. It can be difficult, for sure, but being able to express myself creatively right now is a BLESSING!!! Also, remember that it's ok to take a break from things on twitter/Instagram. Seeing how the world is being destroyed in front of our eyes, the fact that the American president is a low key nazi and a high key racist and sexist, or anything else of what's going on right now is mentally DRAINING, at least to me. Take care of yourself. Thank you so much for checking in on me on my socials, even if I don't update as frequently. I'm busy being in a great state of mind/making an album!!!! Love you 💕

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