Saturday, September 23, 2017

Madonna's New Album Will Have Political Criticism

Political criticism will be part of her next album, but Madonna specifies that she won’t necessarily talk about Donald Trump. “I already expressed my point of view on him,” says Madonna to Brazilian magazine Veja. Also because she doesn’t “know who will be the President when my album comes out.”
Her new songs will also be a political critic, but “not particularly about a person”. “World leaders are sinking society into insensitive and conservative thoughts,” adds Madonna. “With the economy collapsing, people think that it is better to elect successful entrepreneurs to run a government. But that’s not how things work. Being the leader of a nation requires diplomacy, experience, and intellectual ability. It’s a colossal job, but more and more unqualified people are elected for that role.” “On my songs I want to talk about how we got to this point,” Madonna says. “We can not continue to blame our leaders, we have to blame ourselves. We need to get involved and ask for the changes that we want.” Veja: After thirty years of career, aren’t you tired of rebellion? “No, no, no. I’m not tired. I feel even more energetic. Stronger to fight for what I believe. I’m a rebel and I’ll be rebellious till the end.”
Madonna adds that the cultural and musical scene in Portugal will be a big inspiration. Talking about American Life album, Madonna says that “society does not feel comfortable with a woman, especially a pop singer, talking about politics.”
When American Life came out, “people were especially irritated because I criticized the United States – the lifestyle, the American dream, the belief system, government, politics,” adds Madonna. “Americans do not want to hear criticism. They want to think that they live in a country where there is justice and equality, an example of democracy and freedom. We know that none of this is true, especially today.”

Source: Drowned Madonna


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