Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rihanna Working On A New Album

Diplo says: "Rihanna and Diplo made headlines just a few weeks ago after the producer revealed the Bajan superstar rejected his music... twice, but things might be turning around for him. In a new interview with iHeartRadio, Diplo cleared up the controversy - it's all love! - and let slip some MAJOR news about Rihanna's current day-to-day.
Diplo's actual words were, "We talked a little bit because she's writing a lot of new music right now for her next project and, hopefully, we can connect." That's nice and all, Dip, but we're a bit busy screaming over the news that Rihanna is currently WRITING FOR HER NEW ALBUM. The Major Lazer producer knows better than to give away exact details of a pop queen's music, although he did hint about the reggae direction of the album.
"I know that we both have the same affinity for dancehall and reggae and things like that. I know she knows she's a fan of our [Major Lazer's] music." And will their beats be good enough this time? "You always gotta to be on your toes and work harder and she made me feel that way and I love her to death."

Source: MTVuk


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