Saturday, February 8, 2014

Carly Bringing Us Back To The 90s With Her New Album

"I've been writing folk songs, so I think you can expect the unexpected for this next record."

Yet, don't expect Jepsen to completely ditch pop for folk since she's "not going to totally change genres," but she will be changing decades.

"If anything, my last record was '80s and what I've been working on lately is very '90.
"He estado escribiendo canciones folk, por lo tanto te puedes esperar lo inesperado para este disco.

Aun asi, no os espereis que Carly pase del Pop chicle al folk porque "no voy a cambiar totalmente de generos", pero cambiara decadas.

"Mi ultimo disco fue de los 80s y en este que he estado trabajando es mas de los 90".



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