Tuesday, July 9, 2013 Moves Record Label To UK

"My label is now based in the UK," recently confirmed to Jon Hornbuckle.

"I had a label over in America, Fergie signed to my label and LMFAO and Macy Gray and Black Eyed Peas and I thought, you know what, I want to base my label out in the UK, because I like this place, it's fresh.

"Why was I making music in America when it succeeds first in the UK? That's dumb. I've got a global perspective, thinking global and acting local."

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ha confirmado que ha cambiado el lugar de su discografica y que ahora pasa de USA a UK que es donde mas exito tiene. ha dicho que hacia su musica en USA porque queria estar abierto al mundo y ser mas global pero al final ha decidido irse a UK.



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